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  Introduction to Getting Started in Concert Photography

Hi, my name is Steve Brazill, the host of the Behind the Shot Podcast on the TWiP Network.

In this course I’d like to share with you a brief introduction on the type of photography that I do. I’m a Southern California based Live Music Photographer, and I should warn you, concert photography can be addicting. Live music is one of the most challenging things to photograph. It’s like photographing sports, portraits, and environments - all at the same time - in the dark, with fast changing colored lights, and with subjects you can’t predict or control. I love it!

One of the most common questions people ask me at a show is how they can bring a camera in and photograph. Well, getting started in Live Music Photography is easier than many people think. In this segment, the first of 6 installments, we’ll discuss getting started in concert photography, along with how you might move towards getting larger shows at larger venues.

In the following segments I’ll cover:

  • Concert Environments
  • Camera Settings
  • Pit Etiquette
  • My Workflow
  • Inspiration